This is the place to download the latest .p500 file for your RadioShack PRO-106/651/197/652, GRE PSR-500/600 and the Whistler WS1040/WS1065 for the Baltimore Metropolitan area.
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UPDATED - 2014-08-23

download HERE!

This file is for WIN500 from Starrsoft and assumes you've already got the cable attached and talking to your scanner.
The software gives you 30 days to try it and make sure it works for you before you buy your license.
The current versions are: (hold down the "3" while turning on the radio)
Vers - Key Exits  [valid for all four units]
uP App Ver:Rx2.1
DSP AppVer:Rx1.4  [one of mine says RF1.4 and the other says RU1.4)
DSP VocVer:RF1.0  [F=Factory FW U=User FW]

The scanner data is laid out logically by starting in the center with the
city, the county surrounds that, then the other metro counties are in
clockwise order where the water splits the area accordingly:

Scan List 01: BaltCit     (Baltimore City)
Scan List 02: Balco       (Baltimore County)
Scan List 03: AnneArundel (Anne Arundel County)
Scan List 04: HowardCo    (Howard County)
Scan List 05: CarrollCo   (Carroll County)
Scan List 06: HarfordCo   (Harford County)
Scan List 10: CMARC       (Central Maryland Area Regional Communications Committee)

All EMRC talkgroups are included but have been locked out.

Here is an easier to read manual for your scanner.
A throwback to simpler times.

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