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The town of Somis is about 45 miles West of the Rose Bowl. A bit over a thousand people live in and around the town. Three hundred years ago, Somis was a Chumash Indian village. Somis currently has a blacksmith shop, a hardware store, a Mexican cafe, a Post Office, a vet., a fire station, a K-8 school, a dentist, a Baptist church, and a market. Somis does not have a public library. The "Somis Library" is an electronic Internet library for items that are not likely to be available in book stores.

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Can Glaucoma Be Treated With Marijuana (THC) ?


1. Discipling Movement / Boston Movement / International Churches of Christ.

The Discipling Dilemma

by Flavil R. Yeakley, Jr., with Howard W. Norton, Don E. Vinzant, Gene Vinzant
Copyright ® 1988 by Gospel Advocate Company, Nashville, TN 37202

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Republisher's note: This book is about an organized religion known as the Boston Church of Christ / Boston-Movement / Discipling Movement / God's Movement / The Movement / God's Kingdom / International Churches of Christ (1992) (ICoC or ICC) and the Los Angeles Church of Christ. On college campuses, numerous other aliases are used.
Author-researcher Yeakley was hired by Thomas 'Kip' McKean, the leader (a.k.a. 'God's Man', 'Prophet', and 'World Evangelist') of the organization, to find out whether or not the organization is a dangerous, neo-authoritarian sect--as critics claimed.** Yeakley conducted 900 MBTI tests on members of the sect to find out if the critics were right or wrong.

If you are not inclined to read the whole book, Chapters 1, 2, and 8 probably contain enough information to understand basically how one-over-one discipling functions and where it originated.
**During the World Leadership Conference In Los Angeles (11-15 August 1993)--Mr. McKean said that he is:

"...God's Man leading God's Movement..." .........In 1994, in Manilla, Mr. McKean said:

..."I believe I am a prophet."...

The ICC Vocabulary, by an ex-member of the ICC

Part A---Part B---Part C---Part D---Part E

This is more than a vocabulary. It explains the nitty-gritty of how the ICC sect operates.

Note--The ICC Vocabulary is still under construction. Last update: 29 April 1997.

AFF. [American Family Foundation] Information about various destructive sects and links of interest. AFF Student Study Guides a collection of cultic studies and related educational resources. Examples of topics include recruitment, intervention, hypnosis, influence, and persuasion. is an uncontroled, uncensored, unmoderated USENET Newsgroup that discusses the ICC/Boston Church of Christ. Current members, ex-members (a.k.a. fallaways, bailouts), and interested individuals participate.

Mirror (UK) articles about the sect.

The Discipling Movement; is it biblical?

by Joseph Byczko

2. Dead Sea Scrolls

From the Dead Sea Scrolls (Q4), a photocopy of the NAME (Yeshua) of the first-century teacher/rabbi/carpenter from Nazareth, Israel who called himself the "Son of man". He was known to his first-century followers as the "Teacher of Righteousness". After the first century, his name was changed to "Jesus".

3. Mormondom

Three Dollar Bill - a.k.a. Mormon money - printed by 'prophet, seer and revelator' (and candidate for President of the United States) (and 'General') (and 'king') Joseph Smith ,Junior. Copyright Random House, Inc., New York.

See page 203 of No Man Knows My HIstory by professor Fawn Brodie.

Mormon Underwear: Contrast-enhanced photo of breast-area of Mormon Underwear (a.k.a. "sacred garments") showing Masonic compass and Masonic square symbols.

Joseph Smith, Junior's interpretation of Fig. 7 from the March 1, 1842 issue of Times and Seasons.

Min the Bull of his mother from an extant hypocephalus. See above.

Links to information about Mormonism:

4. General

"Unholy Acts" by Paul Wilkes, The New Yorker Magazine, a harbinger of the paedophile-priest scandal of January, 2002.

Holy Hooks -- a short book that examines the teachings and mostly-unadvertised practices and histories of some of the more popular organized religions. Not recommended for devout Baptists, Mormons, Catholics, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses or atheists. updated 10/99.

Photograph of 'Spawn of Satan' (a.k.a. Agent of Lucifer )?.