I-95 N of Md 279 Ex 109 (C001) MP 108.4
I-95 S of Md 213 Singerly Rd (C002) MP 105.9
I-95 N of Md 272 (C003) MP 99.9
I-95 S of Md 272 (C004) MP 99.4
I-95 N of Chesapeake H. (C005) MP 97.1
I-95 S of Chesapeake H. (C006) MP 96.1
I-95 N of Md 222 (C007) MP 93.4
I-95 S of Md 222 (C008) MP 93.2
I-95 S of Frenchtown Rd (C009) MP 92.2
I-95 N of Tydings Br (C010) MP 91.3
I-95 S of Tydings Br. (C011) MP 90.0
I-95 N of Lapidum Rd (C012) MP 89.4
I-95 S of Md 155 (C013) MP 88.6
I-95 N of Md 22 (C014) MP 84.8
I-95 S of Md 22 (C015) MP 84.4
I-95 N of MD 543 (C016) MP 80.4
I-95 S of Md 543 Ex 80 (C017) MP 80.0
I-95 S of Exit 77A MD 24 (C019) MM 76.3
I-95 N of Md 24 Ex 77 (C018) MM 76.7
I-95 N of MD 152 (C020) MP 74.2
I-95 S of Md 152 (C021) MP 74.1
I-95 S NORTH OF JOPPA RD MM 68.6 (C021A)
I-95 N Past Cowenton Ave, MM 67.9 (C021B)
I-95 N of Md 43 Whitemarsh Blvd (C022) MP 67.5
MD 43 E, West of I-95 (C022A) MM 67.0
I-95 N Prior to Exit 67 MD 43, MM 66.8 (C022C)
I-95 S of Md 43 (C023) MP 66.1
I-95 N North of King Ave (C023A), MP 65.1
I-95 N of Rossville Blvd (C024) MP 64.4
I-95S GP @ I-695, MP 64.0 (C024A)
I-95N GP AT I-695, MP 63.9 (C024B)
I-95N ML @ I-695, MP 63.7(C024C)
I-95 S of I-695 (C026) I-95 N of Kenwood Ave (MP 63.1)
I-95SB, MP 62.7 (C027A)
I-95 NB, N of Chesaco Ave MM 62.0 (C027B)
I-95 NB, S of Chesaco Ave MM 61.4 (C027C)
I-95 N of I-895 Split (C028) MP 14.7
I-895 at Moravia Rd (C029) MP14.1
I-895 N of US 40 Ex 13 Pulaski Hwy (C033) MP 13.4
I-895 N of Eastern Ave (C034) MM 12.2
I-895 S of O'Donnell St (C035) MP 11.8
I-895 N/B of BHT (C036) I-95 FMT East Vent Bldg Roof Top (C039) MP 55.9